Why choose The Waggly Tail?

Only pets from one household are walked/taken care of at a time, so your pet is guaranteed to receive personalized 1-on-1 care and attention during each session

All services can be tailored to fit your pet’s needs, simply contact The Waggly Tail to customize your sessions!

Your pet gets to stay home in his natural environment which saves you time and reduces your pet’s stress

What’s included?

Fresh food and water according to your instructions

Medication administration available upon request (additional fees may apply)

A towel-off service for drying wet doggies after a rainy PNW walk

Lots of cuddle time and belly rubs

Final home lock up

An email after every service with a photo, message update, and GPS tracked route included

Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking Services
Dogs have a lot of energy that needs to be burned off to stay happy and healthy. If they don’t get enough daily exercise, they can engage in destructive behavior such as digging, chewing, and excessive barking to name a few. Daily dog walks with The Waggly Tail provide your pup with both physical exercise and the mental stimulation of hearing, seeing, and smelling new environments. Daily dog walks and a healthy diet are essential for your dog to live a long, happy, and healthy life. So let’s get walking! Midday dog walks are available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 10 am - 2 pm.

Out and About ($38)

This 30 minute service is an excellent choice for dogs that want to get out and about and explore the neighborhood on-leash while you are away.

Outdoor Lover ($48)

This 45 minute service is the recommended choice for that pup who always begs for "just a couple more minutes outside".

Long Walk ($58)

This hour long service is perfect for high-energy dogs or dogs that may need to burn more calories!

Dog walking base prices cover service for one dog. Add $5 for each additional dog up to 3 dogs max.
Please Note: The Waggly Tail does not currently offer boarding, day care, overnight stays, pet sitting services, group walks, dog park visits, or off-leash adventures at this time.