Benefits of Midday Walks

Have you ever wondered if your dog would benefit from midday walks with a professional dog walker? Let's take a look at some of the top reasons why people schedule midday dog walks and see if it's right for you and your dog.

First, let's check out this great infographic from NAPPS and then I'll break some of the information down even further.


Potty Breaks

Everyone knows you're busy working hard to spoil your pets and live your life to its fullest. So you don't always have time (or the energy) to battle traffic and come home during your lunch break to let Lucky out to do his business. If you don't get home in time, you may be walking in to find that Lucky left you a messy surprise to clean up. And no one wants to deal with cleaning up a mess after a long, possibly stressful day at work.

Midday dog walks with The Waggly Tail are great because you no longer have to stress about making it home in time (even if you're running late) because you know that Lucky was taken out and did his business from the daily GPS tracked walk and photo update you received earlier in the day. Plus, Lucky gets used to a more routine schedule with a great, fun, and loving companion. You'll both be happier and guilt-free with less stress in the long run.

Staying Fit and Healthy

Not unlike their human counterparts, many dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Daily exercise is crucial to get your dog down to a healthy weight and keep the pounds off, and it's equally important for dogs that are trying to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. While the recommended exercise requirements vary by age, breed, medical conditions, and individual dog, most organizations agree that dogs should get in 30 minutes of exercise each day to stay healthy. If you'd like to figure out how much exercise your dog should be getting, you should talk to your vet.

For my new dog walking clients, I typically recommend starting with 30 minute walks and seeing how that goes. If I notice that your pup is still full of energy at the end of the walk, I may suggest that we consider increasing the walks to 60 minutes a few times a week and work up to an hour every day if needed. Alternatively, if your dog is too tired, we can shorten the walk and spend more time cuddling and getting some quality belly rubs in. In the beginning, flexibility and customization from your dog walker is key to ensure your pup can be comfortable and safe while getting his recommended daily exercise in.

Release of Excess Energy

I'm not sure about you, but in the past after a long day of work, I was always greeted by Bailey jumping up and down, licking my face, and then grabbing his stuffed animal. And then the frisbee. And then the ball. He was a bundle of energy and usually made it a point to show me how he saved up all of his energy just so we can play all night long! Of course I love my dog and wanted to play with him and make him happy. But if it were up to him, we'd play forever, and sometimes I wanted to eat dinner and then crash on the couch to watch some Grey's. I'm not sure if any of you can relate to this story, but for those of you who can, let me just say that Bailey has really benefited from having routine exercise every day. While I certainly can't claim that he's calm and well-behaved all the time, you can definitely tell when he hasn't been walked yet. (Usually his tell tale sign is to open the bathroom garbage, grab an empty toilet paper roll and strut around the apartment while staring at me with the empty roll in his mouth.)

So, as you can see, midday dog walks are also great for dogs that may be exhibiting naughty behavior such as chewing, scratching, digging, barking, howling, getting in to garbage, etc. Dogs need mental stimulation and physical exercise to stay healthy and if they don't get what they need, they tend to look for trouble to satisfy their needs. Although I'm not a dog trainer, veterinarian, or behaviorist, I'm pretty sure that if your dog is being naughty, the first question they will ask is: "Is your dog getting enough exercise?" Dogs need an outlet to release their energy. The sights and sounds they encounter while walking through different environments provides a safe, nondestructive way to satisfy their needs and keep them healthy. After all, don't we all just want happy & healthy pets?

Maintaining a Routine - Rain or Shine

Do you hate having to walk in the rain while your dog sniffed every tree for the last 3 blocks to see if it was the right one to pee on, and he still hasn't found the right one? Maybe it's not so bad once in a while, but hey, let's face it, we live in the rainy PNW where it rains more often than not for months at a time.

Midday dog walks with The Waggly Tail allow you to stay nice and dry inside while I take care of making sure your pup does his business. Plus, he gets the benefit of always getting outside and exercised regardless of the weather conditions. Rain or shine, you can count on having professional and reliable service. Complimentary towel-off service is also included so your pup doesn't get your floors all wet and muddy. And the best part is you never have to leave the house, even on weekends!

What's Next?

So what do you think? Does it sound like you and your pup will benefit from midday dog walks? If you want to experience the benefits of having a routinely exercised dog, contact your local dog walker. If you live in my service area in Washington State including: Bellevue, Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Yarrow Point, or Mercer Island call (425) 998-6591 to schedule a Meet & Greet. You'll wonder why you didn't start sooner!

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