May Pet of the Month

Greetings! This weekend I had family visiting and we had a blast going up in the Space Needle, enjoying the view from Kerry Park (see picture below), finally tasting "those delicious mini donuts that come in a paper bag at Pike Place" that I've been hearing so much about, eating ice cream at Molly Moon's, hiking to Twin Falls (with Bailey of course!), showing off some of our favorite delicacies (i.e. Taco Time), and visiting the cat cafe (check back later for my blog post on our visit!). We had such a great time and totally lucked out with the awesome weather we've been enjoying!

Seattle From Kerry Park

Anyway, down to business. I am starting up The Waggly Tail's Pet of the Month Celebrations this month, and the first award goes to...Maggie and Kodi for the month of May!

Maggie and Kodi

Normally, I would only choose one pet for this award, but since Maggie and Kodi are essentially twins, you can't really give one an award and not the other, so here we are!

Maggie and Kodi

Maggie and Kodi were one of my first clients and they were such a blast to hang out with! These two cuties are Alaskan Malamutes and are both from the same litter. So yes, they are actually brother and sister, or twins as I liked to call them! Maggie was the sweetest pup who hogged all of the attention while Kodi stole my heart with his singing! When I whistled, Kodi loved to sing (howl) along! It was just the cutest!

These two beautiful pups were very well trained and were always so well behaved (thanks to extensive training by their mom)! They were an absolute joy to be around and I thoroughly enjoyed our "floor cuddle time" together.

Maggie and Kodi were inseparable and were always playing with each other or helping the other get into trouble (Did you guys eat the celery again!?).

Maggie and Kodi

Maggie and Kodi

We had so much fun jogging around Medina and they loved showing off their breathtaking waterfront views!

Maggie and Kodi

Anyway, thanks so much Maggie and Kodi for being such awesome pups to help kickstart The Waggly Tail's pet sitting business.

Have any topics you'd like to see covered in next week's blog? Post them below in the comments!

Have a Waggly Tail Day!

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