Giving Thanks

Tis the season of giving thanks! I know I'm often busy and get caught up in my hectic schedule, so you may not hear this very often, but I wanted to take a moment to just say thanks!

This week we (as a nation) will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a special holiday. It is such a rare holiday because no one is left out. It's not affiliated with any religion, and no one can or should be excluded from celebrating. It is simply a beautiful holiday of getting together with your loved family and friends and sharing why you're thankful.

I know sometimes the holidays can be stressful and we worry about what's on the dinner menu or stress about overcooking the turkey. But, I ask that you try to relax and just enjoy this wonderful holiday. Because honestly, who is ever going to remember that you forgot to add cinnamon to the pumpkin pie? No one, they'll remember the great time they had spending time with their friends and family.

Bella Watching Over Computer

So now, I want to say why I'm thankful. In the past year I've been on this incredible journey of starting my own business and getting to know so many truly wonderful people and their pets. I'm sure every pet sitter thinks that they have the best clients, but I know I do! You all have been there for me and have surprised me with gifts or funny stories. I love getting responses back from my updates of the funny things your pets have done. It makes me feel like I'm part of the family at times. And I love hearing how appreciative you are of my services. It means so much to hear the great feedback!

And of course I can't forget my own family and friends who have been incredibly supportive this past year and encouraged me not to give up hope when the phone wasn't ringing. You were right! Patience and hard work was rewarded and now the phone hasn't stopped ringing! But, seriously, thank you. Even when I have been so busy that I am rarely home or can't return your phone calls, I'm thinking of you and want you to know how thankful I am for having your love and support.

I also can't forget my own two furry kiddos. Sadly with the business picking up, I've had less time to spend with Bailey and Bella, but they never hold that against me! I'm always greeted with some warm welcomes and lots of snuggles! This year has been rough for Bailey, and there were a few times that I thought I'd have to say good bye to him, but luckily he's doing pretty well now and he's still enjoying life! For that I'm incredibly thankful to still have my best friend here with me! (Thanks Bellevue Animal Hospital!)

Bailey Lying Down

I would also like to give a shout out to my fellow pet business owners who have been there to provide great knowledge and answers when I've had questions. It's been incredibly valuable and fun having you as a resource and a friend, and a huge thanks for helping me build up my client base when you were too busy to accommodate their requests!

Alright, well hopefully I haven't missed too many people, but if I have, know that I'm thankful for you! Now it's your turn! What are you thankful for? Give thanks in the comments below!

Have a Waggly Tail Day!

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